One of the most common questions most people ask is “What do I need to do in order to become successful?”

The one thing everyone needs to do in order to achieve their goals or become successful is to take some kind of action. Achieving dreams or accomplishing goals is not accomplished by sitting around watching TV or wishing things were different. It is also usually not achieved by waiting for others to do things for you. If you want to accomplish anything, no matter how small, you need to take action.

The one response to being told that someone needs to take action is that they are either overwhelmed or not sure what to do or how to do it. They are really paralyzed by fear and inaction. They see their goal or need to be so large or so complicated that they are too intimidated by fear to move forward.

Some goals or dreams are quite involved or complicated. Starting a business, for example, requires a lot of steps and a lot of effort. Some people might be so intimidated by the entire goal that they quit before they even get started! The result is the failure to achieve the goal and a lost opportunity to become successful.

Fortunately, there is a cure for this problem. The best way to achieve a large or complicated goal is to take that one large goal and break it up into a series of smaller goals. These little “bite sized” goals are easier to achieve and are far less intimidating for most people. Plus, as these smaller goals are achieved it is much easier to see progress being made and this helps people get and stay motivated.

Think of someone who is training to run a marathon. Running 26 miles is intimidating for most people. But if we start out trying to run a mile, then two, then three, that is something much less difficult and far less intimidating. A marathon is just a series of steps. But if you never take the first step, you are never going to get anywhere.

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