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     In this section, we are going to cover sales and marketing. Not of products, but of yourself. But it might interest you to know that marketing of people is pretty much the same as marketing of products. You discover the positive and negatives of a product and try and match those to a situation.

     When you think of applying for a job, your responsibility is to market and sell your qualifications and benefits to someone else. Your resume is a marketing document designed to show you in the most favorable light. The interview is where you “sell” yourself to the “customer” or interviewer. The entire process is focused on finding the best “product “person) for the situation.

     When you are trying to impress a member of the opposite sex you are trying to show them that you have something inside that they will like or enjoy. You are trying to make the other person feel that you are the best match for whatever it is that they are looking for. Every date, conversation and situation, especially in the beginning, is based on a certain amount of marketing.

     On a far  less obnoxious level, whenever you try to get your point across or get yourself noticed or listened to, you are marketing yourself. You are trying to convince someone else that you are worthy of being listened to and that your ideas are the best. If you fail to do that, your ideas may never see the light of day.

      Hopefully you see that you are constantly marketing yourself throughout your career and you cannot be ashamed or afraid to do so. Remember that everyone else is marketing themselves for the things that they want and some of those things are the same things that you want. So the best marketer and salesman is going to come out on top more often than not.

     So how do you effectively sell and market yourself?

     First, you must understand your strengths and weaknesses. Then you need to present those strengths in the best way to make yourself appear the best person in that situation. In this case perception is even more important than reality. Establish a really strong perception and that will get you to the next level. Fail to impress in the beginning and you might not get any further!

     Maximize your strengths, hide your weaknesses, or even better, improve them and convert them into strengths. Think about what other people need or want and then take your information and custom tailor it. There is no such thing as a successful generic approach to marketing yourself. You need to specifically create a perception and an image for every opportunity that comes your way.

     In other words, know what people want and give them as much of that as you possibly can. Become the person that there is no way can be excluded. Be the one everyone wants to meet and know more about.

     Now that’s what I call marketing!

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