Everyone is different and therefore there is no universal plan for success. In some cases, what works great for you might not work at all for me. It might even be a negative result. But there is one thing that works for just about everyone. One thing everyone can do to advance their own lives. It works for personal success and for business success as well. It works in any career or niche and it works at any age and for any male or female.

That one universal thing everyone can do is to just take action. It makes little difference whether you do something small or huge. The most important thing anyone can do to help achieve what they want in life is to do at least one thing every day that is intended to bring them closer to their goals. Most major accomplishments are not the result of one massive effort or single achievement. What drives most successful changes is a series of small, yet important, changes all designed with one purpose in mind. That is to bring you closer to your goals.

Think about a marathon runner. Or just someone trying to get into shape for whatever reason that drives them. Every race and every workout begins with a single step. Then, over time, that single step turns into a single mile then two miles, then five, then 10 and so on. But if you never took that first step, none of the others would every take place! I think that everyone should do at least one thing each and every day so that when they put their head down on the pillow each night they can tell themselves that they are closer to their goals than they were when they woke up.

And that, will work for everyone.


To your success,


David V. Peters

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