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Managing Change & Innovation

One of the most difficult and challenging parts of life is dealing with the constant changes that go on with us and the world around us. You cannot escape change so it is important that you understand how to best deal with change in your life.

“Managing Change & Innovation” helps guide you through the process of dealing with change and using change to create the life that is right for you! We explore the most common reasons for change and how to best deal with any situation that might come your way.

We show you how to get to the root causes of change and how to create an action plan that will greatly increase your chances of experiencing success in your life and future. We show you how to avoid making mistakes and how to target your actions and efforts with laser-sharp accuracy. This means better results in less time often with far less stress and anxiety!

This book is perfect for people of all ages from the High School student to the retiree or those close to retirement, this book will help everyone. After all, you are never too old to start making your current and future life better and more rewarding!

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6 Volume Customer Service Training Course

Customer Service Training, also known as Soft Skills training, are some of the most sought after skills in virtually every business today. The skills are highly sought afdter by companies and Human Resources professionals. People with good Customer Service Skills are in high demand these days for what they know and how they related to customers on a daily basis.

This 6 manual course includes some of our best and highest selling manuals all in one highly discounted price. Customer Service Basics, Service Recovery, Conflict Resolution and Customer Service for Service Technicians are just a few of the manuals included in this 6 manual set.

Purchasing each manual separately would cost you over $85 but in this special package you can get them for more than half off! But this offer can be withdrawn at any time so take advantage of it while you can!


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