David V. Peters Presents:

Welcome to the "No Hype Zone"!

A Refreshing Change from the Rest of Our Online World!

So, What the Heck is a "No HYPE Zone"?

No Bogus Claims!

You will not see any bogus or exaggerated income claims or any of that kind of stuff on this site!


No Misleading Copy!

What you read is what you get on our site. No misleading claims or promises. Just what you can actually expect from anything on our website.

Only Truth & Facts

We will never lie or cheat to make a sale. Everything on our pages will be accurate and factual. IN other words, what you read you can trust. End of story!

What We Dislike About ONLINE Sales Pages & Websites.

Over the course of my decades of writing I have taken several development course and sales writing courses. While I strongly believe in taking courses and reading books to improve and increase one's knowledge, I disagreed with a lot of what I was being taught.

I was taught to use certain words and pictures to convince someone to purchase things. I was taught to write my ad copy to make the product appear better than what it really was so that more people would buy it. And that bothered me because if people expect more than what they are actually going to get then that is just wrong.

So, I made a personal decision and pledge to be completely honest on every page of my website and with everything I write. What you read is what you will get. The book or product will do what it said it would do. No fancy income claims or any of that crap. And I do this knowing very well that it is going to cost me sales and money.

But that's OK. I can live with that.

I want 100% of the people purchasing my books, courses and other products to feel comfortable knowing that what they read is what they are going to actually get. Not something that promises the moon and delivers nothing. I have bought some of that crap and I was not happy. and I never want a customer of mine to feel that way.

But I also wat to say something else that is very important. Any product or book that you but is only going to benefit you if you use it. If you buy a book and never read it, then it is not likely to do anything for you. If you do not implement what you learned in the book it will not help you either.

If you purchase anything from me, I want you to actually USE IT! If it is just going to sit on your hard drive and never used, you might as well use the money to go to a movie or out to dinner. If this turns you off, I apologize. But I want my products to be used so they can help people. And for that to happen they must be read, listened to or watched depending on the product. And then the knowledge must be applied so it can help you make important changes in your life.

In a nutshell, that is what the NO HYPE ZONE is all about.

If You Are Going to Purchase Something,
Then Make Sure You Actually USE IT!

There are no "Get Rich Quick" Products that are completely "Done for You"! If you want to change something in your life you have to put in the work to create and maintain that change. that is just how life works!

Just so you know this site has nothing to do with Facebook or any other website. All Content on this site is completely original and has been written or approved by David V. Peters. No part of this website or any of the products included on this site may be used in any form without the written express permission of David V. Peters.

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