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Communication Skills

     Welcome to our page on Communication Skills. What might appear to be a very basic and bopring topic is actually some of the most important information you may read on this site. Because if we are unable to communicate messages and ideas to each other easily and effectively, everything in life changes. And not for the better.

     I always wondered why these skills were not taught in any middle school, high school or even college level courses. So many people assume that because they know how to talk that they also know how to communicate. the fact is that talking is just a small part of communicating. If you are not using the other parts of communication then I assure you that part of your message, perhaps a significant part of it, will never be heard.

     Most people also do not really consider or think about the importance of really learning how to listen either. They think listening is easy. After all, you just hear the words and understand the message. But it is not that simple. Just as talking uses more than just words, listening requires more than just hearing the words. Those people who do not understand this are really not very good listeners.

     The act of communication is actually a two part process where both parts must work properly or the entire process will fail. All parties that are part of the process have a dual responsibility. The first part being able to deliver a message that is easily understood and the second part being to listen to the responses that their message brings. If any one person only does one half of the entire process the entire message suffers.

     There are even people who do not feel that communication skills are not all that important. they spend the lion’s share of their time learning skills or knowledge in a certain subject in order to become proficient in something in their lives. An engineer might spend all their time studying mechanics and physics and the sciences. A chemist will spend their time learning about the elements and what compounds do what and how to make them. An auto mechanic will take courses on brakes and engines and transmissions.

     But it never dawns on them that in the course of their work they also need to know how to deliver messages that are easy to understand and equally important, hgow to understand what others are saying to them and why they are saying it. In many cases they are very competant at their jobs but incompetant in expressing themselves.

     Another reason to spend time learning these skills is because they help you in every aspect of your life. They not only help you in your career or occupation but they also help you with your personal life and the things you do every single day. When you stop and think about all the people we communicate with every day, from a boss or co-worker to the person who prepares our morning coffee, it is easy to see why these skills are so important.

     I think everyone reading any page on this website should at least consider taking a course or, better yet, read some of our books on conflict resolution, listening skills and other similar books. The information you pick up from any of these books will help you to become more efficient, more productive while at the same time reduce mistakes and confusion.

     There can be an argument made that communication skills are the single most important skills mnost of us can master. Despite this they do not get the attention or value that they so rightly deserve. ut do yourself a favor and start thinking about what you can do to help you communicate better and more efficently. If you can manage to imporve your ability to communicate, a lot of other things will soon fall right in line.

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