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     Welcome to our Career Information page. On this page will be information and questions pertaining to your career. Whether it be starting a new career or improving an existing one, this section will help. We will start by creating the best and most efficient mindset for you to havbe as far as your career is concerned.

The first thing you need to understand is that whether we like it or not, every career involves competition. If you want to be successful in any career you are going to have to compete against other co-workers or applicants to get promotions or even getting your foot through the dorr for an interview.

Most of us view competition as a negative and envision all kinds of cut-throat tactices and cheating and those things do exist to a certain extent depending on which career and opportunity you are going after. But most of us should take comfort in knowing that the competition you are likely to go up against will not be like that at all. But that doesn’t mean you should approach it any less seriously.

What I would like everyone reading this page to understand is that there are not unlimited jobs or endless opportunities available to us in this world. There are only so many jobs and opportunities that are going to come our way and we need to be ready for them when they come. Even better we need to be ready for them BEFORE they come.

At the root of every new job or promotion will be your ability to create the impression that you are the best candidate for the job. You should be able to set yourself apart through experience, personality, education, skills or all of the above. Only by accomplishing this will you properly position yourself for the opportunities that you are pursuing.

There is one important characteristic or approach that works much better than any other and that is the approach of preparing yourself NOW for what may come later. That means knowing what you want and where you want to go while simultaneously understanding what you need to do in order to get there.

This is important because many times opportunities will show up unexpectedly and if you do not have the experience, education or other qualifications when it appears you might not have the time or ability to get them on short notice. Since sometimes opportunities do not come around very often, not being prepared can set you back years, even decades!

     Consider the fact that your dream job or dream promotion, if awarded to someone else, will likely be held by that person for 5-10 years or more! So if you miss an opportunity now, it might not ever come to you again. I say this not to scare or frighten you but instead to impress upon you the need to prepare yourself for what you want to happen next.

The great thing is that once you adopt the attitude that this is a competition and that it is best to prepare now for what comes later, you will find the entire process much easier. You will also find your prospects for success much greater and stand a much greater chance of getting the outcome and results that you want.

Moving forward, I would like everyone reading this page to look within themselves to find out what they really want for themselves. This is your life and your decision, not anyone else’s. You can ask for opinions and guidance but the final choice is youors and yours alone.

One you think you know what you want then create a plan listing what steps need to be taken to best prepare yourself to go after what you want. That means how you can best position yourself against other candidates. That means how to prepare the very best and most effective resume and cover letter. That means to create your network of contacts now rather than later and start to get yourself known in the marketplace.

Always remember that this is a competition and it should not be taken lightly. Everyone else is going to give their best and try to take advantage of every loophole and assume every advantage. You owe it to yourself to do the same.

  Just a little bit better than everyone else!

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