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Business Information

     Welcome to our Business Information Page. This page will cover information on business related topics that will help you navigate through the business world. Since the business world today consists of many different skills and techniques, you will also find applicable information and advice on a couple of our other pages as well.

Most of the information on this particular page is going to center around how to advance and become more successful in the world of business. While most of the information is going to be generalized, and by that I mean helpful to a vast number of people, you will also find specific information and advice as well as this page grows.

We have had over 50 years experience in businesses of all types, shapes and sizes. From Fortune 500 companies to small sole proprietorships we have seen it all and will bring those experiences and insights to you on this page.

Business is all about giving everyone, both customers and co-workers, the most of what they want as possible. Those who accept this premise and learn to incorporate it into their everyday approach usually find themselves rising up the corporate ladder or having their businesses grow at an accelerated pace. We will show you how to get into this mindset and create a reputation of being someone who performs at a high level and is well thought of an respected.

On the bottom of this page will also be some hand picked books and resources specifically selcted and targeted for those who are interested in becoming more knowledgeable and productive in the business world. You might find these resources helpful. They are not expensive and will provide you with not only a wealth of information and knowledge but considerable insight as well.

As we get started, I would like you to initially focus on what you want to get out of your career or business and how you want to achieve those goals. Also give some thought as to your strengths as well as your possible weaknesses. Knowledge of both is essential for maximum growth and success. You can learn a wealth of knowledge from both successes and failures so give some careful thought to both.

     As you ask yourself these questions and arrive at your answers, it is important that you be totally honest with yourself. Do not overstate or over value your accomplishments and successes. At the same time do not minimize or make excuses for your failures either. Be as totally honest and forthright as you possibly can be. this information is for your eyes and ears only so there is no reason to try and fool yourself!

One last thing for you to think about. Many people think that no one should be judged in this world and for some things that is 100% true. But the fact is that as far as your career or performance is concerned you WILL be judged. You WILL be compared to others and judgments and perecptions WILL be made. After all, every interview or promotion is process where you are compared to others to see who is the best candidate.

So look at business and your role in it as a competition. Prepare yourself so that you look like the best candidate even though you really might not be. Create the perception that it is YOU that has the most knowledge or the most experience. Create an image of confidence, strength and ability. In other words, be seen as a leader and not a follower. Get into this mindset from the beginning and the rest usually just falls into place.

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