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About David V. Peters

My name is David V. Peters and I live in the United States of America.

I am a Certified Trainer in Customer Service and Communication Skills and I have work experience in a wide range of companies from Sole Proprietorships all the way up to Fortune 500 Companies. I have held various positions in both field operations and management.

Over the years I have trained countless people in customer service as well as business skills and interpersonal relationship skills. I have used my knowledge and skills to improve productivity and performance while at the same time improving efficiency and results.

I own my own consulting and training company and have written several books on Customer Service, Management Skills and Personal Improvement. Together with my wife we have many books available on all kinds of personal improvement and business skill topics.

We take pride in producing material and training products designed with one primary purpose. That is helping people achieve more and become the people that they are meant to be. All our training books and materials are designed to fit into everyone’s schedule no matter how jam packed or irregular that schedule might be. If you have the desire to learn something new, we have the materials to help guide you through the process.

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