My name is David V. Peters and I have dedicated my life to learning about personal and business success. I have over 40 years experience in the retail and service industries as well as teaching and training people in all walks of life. I have written several books and am currently a writer and content producer for The Customer Service Training Institute and Success Instructors. In addition, I am a certified trainer in interpersonal relationships.

By this time I guess you are wondering why I am so passionate about business and personal success. Well, the fact is, I struggled for a number of years until I had what some people refer to as a “light bulb moment” when a lot of things just came into focus for me. I was doing a lot of things wrong (and I mean a LOT of things wrong) that were keeping me from living the life I wanted. I made a few simple changes and my career and life just took off! Pretty soon I had the job I always wanted and they respect of both my peers and bosses. I have to tell you that life was much better from that point on.

I decided that others could benefit from what I had learned so I wrote a book and wrote a few articles. I created a few training courses and pretty soon another book was born and I started hearing success stories from people I had helped. Over the last 25 years I have developed many courses designed to help regular folks just like you and I to succeed not just in their personal lives but in their careers and businesses as well. Because of this, I decided to branch out a bit and start this blog hoping to reach even more people than before.

I hope you will follow me on my journey by coming back often and reading the new posts and other content on this blog. My hope is that you just might read something that will create your own “light bulb moment” and you can then start living the life that you want.

To your future success,

David V. Peters