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I am a lot like you. I was made and I was frustrated.

I was frustrated by all of the products and services out there that promise the world but deliver little or nothing. You know what I am talking about. All of those "Get your products on the front page of Google in 15 minutes" and those "Earn $100,000 in your underwear while you sleep" products. All those products make money for are those who sell them.

So we created a network of sites that provide quality products, services and courses that are different. They do not need outrageous claims or bogus testimonials. All they do is deliver what was promised and they do all of that at the lowest prices possible. In other words, what you see is what you get. Sometimes you get even more but never less. That is the focus of our "No-Hype Zone" products and websites.

We have training guides, books and other resources to help you address EVERY part of your life and your business to enable you to bring more success into your life, your business and everything else you wish to achieve! We believe in getting results and getting those results as quickly and easily as possible. And we have priced these courses and other resources as low as possible to provide great value.

You won't see outrageous income claims or other typical marketing hacks either on this site either. We believe that product quality will sell itself and we strive to provide the very best to our customers. Most of what you see on this site has been written and created by myself with you in mind. I want you to benefit from my 40+ years of business and personal improvement experience. And I don't want it to cost you a fortune doing it!

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This Site is Part of Our "NO HYPE ZONE"

Please Read - Important!

You might have noticed that there are no extravagant or exaggerated income claims on this page. That is because our entire site is part of our "NO HYPE ZONE". We do not sell or produce "Get Rich Quick" types of products. If that is what you are looking for this is not the site for you.

Everything we produce on this site is written and presented in an easy-to-read format that anyone who can read can understand. Our publications require no previous experience and will give you the information and skills needed to perform at your very best.

But, and this is important, our products will only work for you if you are willing to make the effort to implement what you have read. If you are just going to purchase a book or course and just let it sit on your hard drive, it is not likely to do you much good.

So, if something looks good to you and you fully intend on actually using it, please but it with confidence. In other words, if you are going to buy it, USE IT!

This site has nothing whatsoever to do with Facebook or any other website. The content is completely original and all the products, services and information on this site are the intellectual property of David V. Peters. No part of this site or any of the products listed on this site may be used in any form without the written express permission of David V. Peters. Neither David V. Peters nor anyone affiliated with this site makes any guarantees or promises regarding any income claims or level of success. Your success may be greater or less than ours depending on the level of effort and the quality of efforts someone applies in their life. In addition, since everyone is different and everyone's life is different it is not possible to create a "one size fits all" plan that will work for everyone every time. Because of this the buyer or user assumes total responsibility for determining the suitability of using any or part of the information provided on this site or in any of the products provided.

All rights Reserved 2022 David V. Peters

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