David V. Peters

David V. Peters

Let Me Tell You a Bit About Myself!

I would like to take a few moments to tell you a bit about myself so you can see how I might be of use to you in helping you achieve more in your business and as well as in your life in general.

IO have over 30 years of experience online and many decades in businesses of all shapes and sizes. I am a certified trainer and have given classes to both very large and small companies over the years.

I have won service awards and have written dozens of books over the years on a wide range of topics. I have a wife, two children and two wonderful grandchildren. We like to travel and especially look forward to our yearly trips to Maui. Currently I am concentrating on my online activities and helping people just like you. (Which I can do even from Maui! The wonder of the Internet!)

Here are a Few Examples of My Background:

Over 30 Years of Online Business Experience
Written Over 75 Books!
Certified Trainer
Extensive Training in Communication Skills
Owner of The Customer Service Training Institute
Writer & Course Developer for Success Instructors
Over 45 Years in Business Management
Created & Developed Several Online Training Courses!
Created & Developed Management Training Books!
National Service Management Award Winner
Head Writer for The Customer Service Training Institute
Experienced in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

A Little Bit About What Drives Me & Motivates Me

I love to travel
I am Results Driven
I love to read! Sitting by the pool with a book is a delight!
I love to do woodworking
I always enjoy playing the drums
I love music especially 60's Music (Any Beatle fans out there?)
I believe in looking ahead not focusing on the past!
I believe in God and his impact on my life.
I love to write! It is one of my biggest passions!
I have two kids and 2 Grandchildren that I absolutely adore!
I like to help my kids whenever they need it! My tools are ready!
I have been married for 38 years!
I love helping people! All my books focus on helping people!
I always believe in treating others with dignity and respect.

Here are a Few of the Things I Like

People who have an open mind and are open to change
People who are kind and generous
People who treat others with dignity and respect
People who like to help others
People who seek out help when they need it!
Designing and creating something original
A really good burger and some homemade fries!
Identifying a problem and then writing a book about it!
That each day is full of new opportunities

Here Are A Few of the Things I Dislike

People who accept things as they are.
People who are rude or disrespectful to others
People who blame others for their own problems.
People who lie and cheat other people
Social Media (Hey, I'm old!)
People who take advantage of others.
Bullies of any kind
People who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.
People who feel entitled to stuff without working for it!
False Claims or Misleading Ads or Salespages

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David V. Peters

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