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Meet David V. Peters

I have been writing training books and manuals in a wide range of topics and skill sets for over 30 Years. I am a staff writer for The Customer Service Training Institute and the creator and producer of the Covert Series of Products and the Insight Series of Internet Marketing Training Manuals. I have many books on Amazon and several other programs and I am a certified trainer as well.

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No Purchases Required!

Discounts of 60-90%!!!!

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Throughout every one of my businesses and websites, one thing has remained my primary focus. And that has always been to provide my readers and customers with the very best value possible. No matter if they purchase a $5 product or a $500 product!

The Insiders Club is my latest way of providing amazing value on all my products and services. The club is available through invitation only and it is not available to everyone who might search for it. It is for a special group of my customers whom I feel are entitled to the best of the best and for less!

There is no requirement to purchase anything at any time after you join. And we are not going to bombard you with sales pitches and other offers. At most we will contact you once or twice each month with something we feel will represent an amazing value to you.

Let's Be Very Clear Here.......

There is NO COST
to Join!!!

You Do NOT Have to Buy Anything! EVER!

Just One or Two Monthly Contacts

Amazing Private Member Discounts!

There is absolutely NO COST to join our program. This is completely free and you will never be billed for any membership fees!

There are NO purchase requirements after you join either! If something makes sense for you to buy, then buy it. Otherwise don't buy a thing!

We are not going to bombard you with E-mails or affiliate offers either. Just one or two club E-mails a month and that's it! We won't sell your info either!

Our discounts will represent a 60-90% discount of our products NORMAL selling price. Not a discount off a phony high price!

The Rules of the Club

You MUST Sign Up & Become a Member

We do this so we only contact people who we know are interested in what we will be sending them. Your information is safe with us and we will never sell or tent it it to anyone else! Only Members Get the Discounts!

Watch for Our E-Mails

We will only be sending you 1-2 E-mails each month so watch out for them. Any offers will probably have expiration dates so be sure to read those E-mails right away!

Never Buy Something You Will Not Use!

Even a huge discount on something will not be a bargain if you never use the product. So only purchase things you will actually use or that you think will be valuable to you or your business. Stay away from Shiny Object Syndrome!

Yes! I want to Become an Insider Club Member!

I understand there is no cost to join and that I never have to buy anything at any time to remain a member!

Sign Up to Be An Insider Below!

Rest assured that we will always respect your privacy and will never sell, rent or share your information with anyone. Not only is this the way we would like to be treated it is also how we want our business to treat you as well.

After you register to become a member you will receive a confirmation E-Mail. If you do not receive the confirmation E-Mail please check your SPAM or Trash folders to see if it was sent to either of those locations. If it is not there at all please send us an e-mail at and we will make sure you are registered into the club.

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